My favorite actress is Meryl Streep. Not just for the reasons she is universally acclaimed, though she is an amazingly versatile actress who also can sing very well too. There are other reason I admire her. One, is she appears to be happily married for many years to one man and has raised four well adjusted children. A rare feat in Hollywood. I have yet to hear anyone who worked with her have a negative thing to say about her personally or professionally. She is gracious and humble and always prepared. None of this sense of entitlement many who have achieved that level of success suffer from.  The biggest reason I admire her is a result of a cast interview on Oprah for one of her movies. I can’t even recall what the movie was. I had a revelation when she described having an anxiety attack about taking on this role and feeling she wasn’t up to the task. She even called the producer and tried to back out because of this sense of inadequacy. Of course, she ended up doing the movie and being great as usual. That was very encouraging to me. Someone who has reached the pinnacle of success she has gets feelings of inadequacy. I have also heard of people like Carly Simon and Barbra Streisand having bouts of paralyzing stage fright.  Sometimes, no frequently, I suffer from feelings of inadequacy and have panic attacks when I try something new. I alternate between confidence and enjoyment and panic attacks and feelings of inadequacy.  There is a psychological term called the “Imposter Syndrome” where outwardly successful people inwardly fear that people will find out how little they really know what they are doing.  I am pursuing the art of writing, and sometimes wonder what the heck I’m thinking and am tempted to give up. Then I remember Meryl Streep wanting to back out of a movie part because she felt inadequate and I feel encouraged.  If you are trying something a little out of your comfort zone, keep at it. That is where growth and true happiness resides.